Saturday, 11 April 2009

April 11

Went to Spring Harvest in Minehead. All the talks were delivered from a big stage, with sign language available for the deaf. This seemed a really good idea, until I noticed that the words for the songs were up on the huge screens at either side of the stage. No need for both.

Watched a TV programme about disabled people who trekked across the Sahara, or something. The group split into those who had been disabled all their lives and those who had become disabled. One of the men had fingers instead of arms and played pool with his feet. The next morning, I was thinking about the programme when I noticed a boy with one arm that ended at the elbow. I was fascinated until I walked past him and saw he was just scratching his back.

A woman was carrying a baby in one of those slings. As she ran, the baby's head rolled from side to side and bounced up and down. I thought that's why pushchairs were invented.

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