Thursday, 30 April 2009

April 30

Rachel and I were in court all day yesterday as she was a witness to a fight between two parents at her school last year. I sat in the public gallery while Rachel waited in the seating area downstairs. Sitting just along from me was the husband of the defendant. As the charge was being read out, he tried to turn his phone off and it went off noisily - not a great start. All the witnesses seemed to have seen something different, or were just lying through their teeth, and the magistrates ended up aquitting the defendant as the evidence was so convoluted. Rachel sat next to me at the back of the court after giving her evidence and we waited for the magistrates to return their verdict. We tried to guess whether it would be guilty or not guilty, a bit like trying to second-guess Sir Alan in the boardroom. OK, hardly like that at all. The security guard in the entrance to the court was a dead ringer for Ricky Tomlinson. Along with the Sainsbury's one who is Peter Kay in Pheonix Nights, who knows how many more TV comedian lookalikes there are in Chichester.

Went to the Post Office as Rachel needed some stamps. We decided to use the self-service hole-in-the-wall outside, which offers stamps 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I didn't think anyone went out for stamps at 2am.

There was a Filofax in House of Fraser which cost £50. I thought this was excessive, especially as it was for 2008.

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