Saturday, 25 April 2009

April 25

Helped a couple of friends move house yesterday. The previous occupant had been a really old woman, who had a big mirror hung on one wall in the lounge. I don't know why an old person would want to look at themselves that much, they should just have loads of photos of themselves from when they were younger. If you look old, don't bother with mirrors. Maybe the Chinese go by this rule too.

Tried to re-assemble an IKEA wardrobe in the main bedroom, with limited success. Managed to attach the sides to the base and then the lid, before deciding to try and turn the whole thing 90 degrees so it lay on its side. With one side only held in place by wood glue and the other decidedly wobbly, the descent began in precarious fashion. Where eight hands were needed, we only had four and the wardrobe began to gain excess momentum. The glue did not hold and the base came unstuck. Then the side I was holding began to bend, there was a loud cracking and most of the wardrobe fell to the floor. The next question was: "which part of the dump do we take this to, wood or non-wood?"

I've never understood the concept of 'Miss Universe'. Miss World, fair enough, but I don't know who else is taking part.

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