Thursday, 16 April 2009

April 16

Nipped out to Tesco for a few pizza toppings. On the way out, I saw a bloke entering the store, carrying a microwave under one arm. I tried to work out what on earth he was doing, but then gave up.

A woman was power-walking to her car, holding a bunch of flowers. She was holding them upside down and the petals were dropping onto the tarmac as she walked. If the flowers cost £5, she must have lost 50p worth by the time she got to her car.

I needed to book a doctors appointment so walked round to the surgery, which is only ten minutes from the flat. The old woman in front of me was booking a blood test and taking a fairly long time over it. The receptionist asked her if Friday was OK, and she said yes. The receptionist asked if 8.55 was OK, and the old woman said she would prefer a later slot. "How about 9.10?" the receptionist suggested. "That would be great," said the old woman. I wonder what was so important that it was keeping her at home for the extra 15 minutes. Having booked my appointment, I turned to go and saw a traffic warden at the back of the queue. That was the last person I expected to see.

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