Friday, 8 May 2009

May 8

There were two news stories about faces yesterday. The first was the tale of a woman who was shot by her husband but survived, with serious facial injuries. Thanks to modern medicine and technology, she was able to have a face transplant and The Guardian displayed three pictures of her face - before the 'accident', after, and then with the new face. The story was about how the face transplant had been a success but I'm not so sure. The face is picture three is about twice the size of the original and almost a perfect square. The face was wearing glasses but they were at an angle, so presumably the face wasn't quite straight. If that was stage one, fair enough, but not the final product. There must be another face they can try. And what's happened to the person with a square head who now doesn't have a face?

The second story wasn't a photo - in fact, very far from it. The Madeleine McCann story (yes, it's back) has a new twist - a new suspect is out there and there is an artist's impression of what he looks like. Now, I didn't know Quentin Blake was working alongside the Portuguese Police these days, but the suspect may as well be named Mr Twit. He looks like no human I have ever seen before - a triangular-shaped head and almost all of his hair on the left-hand side of his head. Huge ears and nose, a tiny giraffe neck, and mud down his right cheek. If you see this man, please turn the page of your Roald Dahl book.

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