Sunday, 10 May 2009

May 10

Things are never as good as you remember them being the first time. Holiday destinations are one example. Chicken and chips at Cote restaurant is another. Having twice visited the Richmond branch and twice been delighted at the quality of the food laid before us, Rachel and I headed to Guildford with high hopes. I guess that when you go somewhere with that attitude, you can only be disappointed, and we were. My chicken was gristly and Rachel's mussles were rubbish too. Maybe I should be a food critic with reviews like that.

Before our main courses arrived, I went to the toilets to inject my pre-meal insulin. There was only one cubicle so I went in and locked the door. As I was sorting out the pen, a bloke rushed in, clearly desperate for the loo. Having tried the door and found it locked, he gasped "Oh sh--" and hastily exited. I wonder where he went next.

We ordered puddings - I went for chocolate mousse while Rach chose iced berries with white chocolate sauce. When the waitress brought our cutlery, Rach was given a dessert spoon and I only got a teaspoon. I wasn't happy as I might want to take just as large spoonfuls of my mousse. Rach said it was fair. As we finished off, Rach went to scrape out the small jug of sauce, only to discover her spoon was too big to fit inside. I said that was fair.

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