Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Mitta Mitta: so good they named it twice

Advent calendars are open and December is slipping away, but there are still adventures to be had in Australia. Our latest escape from the hustle and bustle of work was through the Victorian High Country, with Peter and Leanne Chalmers (below), in a four-wheel-drive. Leanne works in the office at Albury North Public School - Rachel's exchange workplace.

Our base for the weekend was the small town of Mitta Mitta but we spent most of our time on the move.

Peter expertly guided us down into Lightning Creek (above) and up the other side on numerous occasions as we followed the dirt track through the forest.

Heading up a convoy of three vehicles gave us a chance to view the water crossings from an alternative perspective. We learnt that no descent is truly 'steep' unless "you're hanging in your seat belt" - and we never got close to that on the day.

The places at which we stopped along the way were unsurpisingly deserted and totally peaceful. A picnic lunch was eaten to the accompaniment of birdsong and chinking cutlery. Certainly, this was an Australian experience we'd never have stumbled across of our own accord. For most of the others in our group, this was familiar territory and we felt privileged to be shown outposts which held such significance for them.

This deer was waiting for us around a bend in the track. It sauntered along in front of us before leaping into the undergrowth.

Our home for two nights was Magorra Caravan Park in Mitta Mitta. With the third Test Match between Australia and South Africa on TV and a full roast dinner cooked over heat beads for the whole group on Saturday evening, we were richly entertained.

Peter even gave us a fishing lesson before we left. Another chapter had been written in our 2012 story, completely different to all that had gone before, thanks to a gang of fair dinkum country Aussies.

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