Monday, 30 January 2012

Picture special - January's unseen extras

As January rolls into February and the transfer window slams shut, I've had a rummage through our photos and unearthed a few that didn't quite make the cut for the blog, first time round. Here, along with handy captions, they all are. You lucky people.

In big news this week, it's been raining. Not for long, mind, but long enough to flood the road and waterlog the front lawn. And long enough for our winter-bound friends to enjoy a surreptitious smirk. I paid 60 dollars just to see a doctor today - unbelievable. Later, we were bothered by what I perceived to be a swarm of flies on a short walk to the post box. When we returned home and opened the front door, one flew in behind us and Rachel remarked "there's that fly again." I initially questioned how she could be sure a single fly had followed us for the duration of the journey and then into the house but now I am doubting myself.

Scroll down for the gallery...

Our hotel in Singapore, The Quincy. Bit sticking out is the swimming pool.

Rach loved this chair. "We should get one of these"

White tiger at Singapore Zoo, definitely our tour guide's favourite.

Brilliantly lazy: the orangutans.

Just chilling with the rhino.

Elegance personified.

Queen of the Zoo

All dressed up and nowhere to go. Literally - we're on the Singapore Flyer.

Raffles cakes.


Traffic lights at the beach - and Rob

Phillip Island podium (empty champers bottles)

My Tottenham connections are running strong. Australian Rules Football is the big deal over here when it comes to sport, so I decided I'd better grab a piece of the action before the league season starts in March. With help from the AFL twitter page, I chose to support Geelong Cats, the reigning premiers, having been informed they wore the same colours as Spurs. In a division comprising 18 clubs, Geelong are one of 10 based in and around Melbourne.

One of their city rivals, Collingwood, are Australia's Manchester United. Seemingly "everyone's second team is whoever Collingwood are playing." They've won 15 premierships since the AFL began (as the Victoria Football League) in 1890. Only Carlton and Essendon have been more successful. After tweeting my allegiance to Geelong, I was quickly welcomed into the Cats family. Steve Johnson is the man to watch, so my scouts tell me. I've already started my YouTube research. First game of the regular season is on March 31 away to Fremantle. That's just down the coast from Perth and in anyone's language, it's a long old poke.

I also plan to play football this winter - for Albury Hotspurs.


  1. There's me thinking the team to follow was Richmond
    Isnt there a local (Greek?) team playing soccer in Chelsea colours?

  2. Funnily enough, Richmond were suggested as an alternative (same colours as Maidstone United). Not seen any Chelsea shirts on the streets yet.

  3. Our local Greek coloured team is Albury City but I wouldnt play for them if I were you :)

    If you head to the spurs website you'll see the history page and you can see my amazing goal scoring rate, 2 goals in 80 something games! We'll have to see if you can beat it.

    And re the Cats Im very disapointed, I'd almost classed you as a friend but I'm having to rethink my position ...


  4. Ah, that makes sense. Good knowledge from Alan but Spurs seems the obvious choice on all fronts.

    I played the Scott Parker holding role for my college team but did venture forward on occasion. A scorer of infrequent, but spectacular goals - or that's how I like to remember it.

    Go Cats!