Monday, 30 March 2009

March 30

The clocks went forward on Saturday night. Well, they didn't go forward, we moved them forward. Talk quickly started of how evenings will now be longer. No - the evenings are exactly the same length of time, we have just attributed a different number to the point where daylight slips away. The fact that the sun is still shining while you eat your tea is nothing to do with someone adding an extra hour. The clock is still the same size. There is no extra hour. Fair enough, farmers needed to gain or lose the odd hour years ago but can't we get rid of it these days? Abolish the time changes in March and October and let's just run by the same watch all year round. Come on - we're living in the past. Literally, if you haven't changed your clock yet.

Walked to the sandwich shop at lunchtime. The man at the other counter asked for curry filling only to be told there was none. His second choice was prawn mayo. That surprised me.

Every weekday since Woolworths closed, a man has appeared in North Street, not 50 yards from the now-empty shop, selling Pic 'n' Mix off a trolley. Every cloud...

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